Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Karuna Brightening Treatment Mask

I have always been a fan of facial masks and have been wanting to try facial sheet masks as they are easier to use and remove.  One such facial sheet mask is the Karuna Brightening Treatment mask (1 mask, 28 ml/0.95 fl oz.;; Retail $28 for 4 masks, a month's supply).  I received the mask, valued at $7, in my May 2012 Beauty Army Shipment (see post here).

Karuna, founded by Linda Wang, prides itself by combining "science and nature to solve the most common skin concerns in a fresh, modern way."  Unlike other products I've used in jars and tubes, these face masks are neat and simple to use.  The individual packets make them easy to travel with and the multiple formulas make it easy to have an at-home facial to address a particular skin concern.

They offer masks in the following varieties:

  • Skin Restoring (Karuna Luxe; $48)
  • Renewal Eye ($36)
  • Hydrating
  • Exfoliating
  • Brightening
  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Clarifying
  • Age Defying

They also offer the Karma Kit, which includes one of each of the following masks:  Exfoliating, Hydating, Anti-Oxidant and Age Defying,  a great way to sample a variety of masks.  The Karma Mit and all masks are $28 for a month's supply, except where indicated differently.

The Brightening Mask and its respective directions are described as follows on the Karuna Skin website:

Revealing & Enlightening

Grapefruit Seed Extract deflects environmental toxins from the skin, while rare Asian plant extracts help to create a fresher-looking, smoother-feeling complexion. 

All Karuna masks contain a custom blended Beauty Boost. Plant extracts, peptides and anti-oxidants bring care and compassion to all skin types with a feeling of hydration, nourishment and renewal.

All-natural fiber cloth retains 50% more moisture than synthetic, helping pores fully absorb the paraben-free beneficial ingredients. Made from bio-degradable wood pulp, our cloth is truly a green and luxurious alternative.

Directions are simple:

start with a
freshly washed face

gently unfold mask and
place cloth side on face

adjust over mouth,
nose & eyes

remove backing and
relax for 10-20

Once the allotted time has passed, peel the mask from your face and discard.  There is no need to rinse.  Karuna recommends massaging the remaining product into neck and hands.  They further recommend using the mask once a week.

I left the mask on for 20 minutes and  immediately noticed a smoother, slightly brighter complexion after one use.  I have since placed an order via (there is a current 20% off promotion) for more items so there will be more reviews in the near future.  

Overall rating: Booyah! for simplicity of usage and packaging as well as results.  I know there are other facial sheet mask products available that are less expensive but I have not tried them so I am not sure if the ingredients and results are comparable. 

Have you tried Karuna or any other facial sheet masks?  What are your thoughts and favorites?  Would love to hear from you.

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