Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sigmax Brushes - Face and Precision

For lovers of synthetic brushes, these are a must have.  Sigma launched their Sigmax collection with face brushes F80 - Flat Top Kabuki Brush, F82 - Round Top Kabuki Brush, and F84 - Angled Top Kabuki Brush.  I immediately suggested to Sigma they make some eye brushes in these wonderful  HD synthetic duo fibers as they're the softest I've ever felt against my skin and they're cruelty-free to boot.  In this posting, I not only show you what was part of the original Sigmax collection, but also their new additions.

Set of 4 Face Brushes - Left to Right: F80, F82, F84, and F86
The original set (F80, F82, and F84) are my go-to brushes, replacing many of my other high-end brushes as they yield a flawless application of my makeup.  F80 is a wonderful, dense brush that buffs powder or liquid products into the skin.  My liquid foundation applies beautifully with this brush thanks to the long handle.

F80 - Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki Brush
F82, with its rounded bristles, is a perfect complement to the F80 as it is easier to get around the nose and under the eyes with this brush.  It's one of the few brushes that don't irritate my under-eye area, which is particularly sensitive and delicate.
F82- Round Top Synthetic Kabuki Brush
The last of the original trio, F84, gets a lot of use as I love it for applying my blush.  This brush is the most versatile and I have used it to apply cream and powder blushes.  I have also used it for subtle contouring.

F84 - Angled Top Synthetic Kabuki Brush
The newest kid on block, completing the "Face" portion of this collection, is F86 - Tapered Synthetic Kabuki Brush, which is absolutely perfect for applying highlighter to with flawless precision, over the cheekbones and high planes of the face, especially the bridge of the nose.

F86- Tapered Synthetic Kabuki Brush
Each of these brushes can be purchased either individually for $16 each or you can get the whole set of 4 for $56, a savings of $8.  What I love about their brushes is that Sigma always individually wraps them in a plastic sleeve but they also include a brush guard.

I am happy to announce that Sigma has also created Sigmax Precision Brushes.  This set of 4 brushes also features the Sigmax HD synthetic duo fibers, bringing soft, professional, flawless application to the eyes and other small areas of the face!  This 4-piece set was developed by Sigma to "mimic your fingertips when applying makeup [to] your most sensitive and precise areas of your face."  I find that I prefer using the brushes as I am always afraid of tugging the skin around my eye area.

Set of 4 Precision Brushes

Close-up of the Brush Tips - Left to Right: P80, P82, P84, and P86
P80, the Precision Flat Brush is described by Sigma as "small, dense [with a ] flat top [making it] ideal to conceal blemishes, sun spots and small imperfection on the skin.  It can be used to stipple concealer on defined areas [as well as] setting powder.

P80 - Precision Flat Synthetic Brush
P82, the Precision Round brush, is perfect for applying eye shadow primers like Urban Decay Primer Potion, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, MAC Paint Pots or MAC Prep and Prime Eye bases.  Sigma also recommends this brush for highlighting around the nose, cheekbones an cupid's bow.

P82 - Precision Round Synthetic Brush
P84, the Precision Angled brush is the ideal tool for contouring along the sides of the nose and highlighting the brow bone.  I have not yet tried it for contouring the hollows of my cheekbones as Sigma recommends, but I will have to try that out.

P84- Precision Angled Synthetic Brush
Last, but not least, is the P86, the Precision Tapered brush, which Sigma recommends using for applying concealer under the eyes as well as areas like the sides of the nose, chin and mouth, to prevent lipstick bleeding.

Each of these brushes is sold individually for $14 or you can save $7 and buy the 4-piece set for $49.  Sigma throws in a free E25 - Eye Blending Brush with every order of $30 or more.  Sigma also includes a great foldout with a description of the use of each brush with every order.

Foldout describing Sigmax Face Brushes
Foldout describing Sigmax Precision Brushes

I highly recommend these brushes as they are affordable, cruelty-free, and are of professional quality.  Click this link to be brought to the Sigma site (


  1. Good to see this. I've been on the fence with Sigma since the number debacle, but these synthetic brushes have been on my radar for a while.

    Thanks for sharing! :]

  2. @Tamara They're wonderful and the price is right! I'm sure you'll love them.