Sunday, October 30, 2011

Movie Review - "The Town"

I know it isn't far-fetched for Ben Affleck to star in a movie about Charlestown, MA but in this self-directed movie based on Chuck Hogan's book "Prince of Thieves," Ben stars as Doug MacRay, a bad guy wanting to break away from his current lifestyle.  I hadn't even heard about the movie but my husband, always on the lookout for a good flick, added it to the DVR just for me. (Thanks honey, love you babe!)

Image from IMDB

If you love intense movies and don't mind rooting for the "bad guy," it is a must-see!!!!  For Mad Men fans, Jon Hamm is in the cast as are Rebecca Hall, Jeremy Renner and Blake Lively, who I had to look closely to recognize.  (Great job, Blake!)

I won't spoil the film for you but if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.  Please post your comments if you get to see it.

This flick gets a high-five from Kimbo....BOOYAH!

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