Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sigma Beauty - Defining Eyes Palette by Tiffany D

I have been following Tiffany D on You Tube for quite some time.  When I learned that she was collaborating with Sigma Beauty to launch an eye kit, I couldn't help myself.  I thought that the shades would not work for me as Tiffany has these lovely light eyes but the shades work nicely on my deep brown eyes.

Tiffany D says, "I was inspired to design a palette that had everything I could possibly need to create my favorite eye looks without having to grab for a million different products.  The Defining Eyes Palette is an all-in-one kit for the best eye enhancing "tricks" that work with every skin tone.  I love that all of the products complement each other perfectly to create an unlimited amount of looks; from an everyday, toned-down and natural style, to the most intense dramatic eye. It is the complete package for defining your eyes."  

The palette contains eight shadows, a dual-ended eye shading and pencil brush, two eye liner gels and a dual-ended white and blue eye liner pencil all in a mirrored case.  It also contains a "how to" booklet with expert tips from Tiffany.

Here are close-ups of the eyeshadows and swatches:

Top to Bottom: In The Dark, Midnight, Brunette, Chestnut

Top to Bottom:  Fog, Smoke, Halo, Beam
Here are pictures of the brush and a close-up of each end:

Here are pictures of the eye pencil, close-up of each end, and swatches:

Here are pictures and swatches of the eye liner gels:

For those of us that prefer a more precise eyeliner application, the set does not include a thin eyeliner brush.  However, Sigma Beauty included a travel-sized E05 brush as a free gift so that was a thoughtful touch.

Overall rating:  Booyah! but some of the features were Boo-Boos!  The eyeshadows are lovely but they gave me a bit more pop with an eyeshadow base, which is not included.   For an all-in-one kit, I would have expected an eye primer as well as the E05 brush in the set.  The "how to" booklet is larger than the palette so it doesn't fit within the palette itself, nor can you slide it into the protective sleeve.  For storage, I ended up folding the booklet and putting it in the box.  I love the Chocolate eyeliner but I think that Blackout could have been darker.  I do, however, love the variety of looks as well as Tiffany's tips for maximizing the effects of the products.  I just think that Product Development should have put a little more thought into including an eyeliner brush as well as making the booklet a tad smaller.

What do you think of this palette?  Is it on your Holiday wishlist?


  1. I already order it and since I'm from México I think It'll arrive by the 15th haha but Im eager to see it, photograph it and swatch it :D obv use it haha. Thx for ur review.

  2. Believe it or not, I love makeup, but I'm still so unsure about how to properly apply eyeshadows. I typically only use one shade on my lid, lol. This palette looks clean and neutral and has all the tools I would need such as eyeliner and a the brushes, so that's a plus

    Kathleen of