Saturday, September 24, 2011

Welcome to Booyah Beauty!

Welcome to my blog!  I have been a makeup addict since the day my strict grandmother first allowed me to wear clear lipgloss.  To this day, the scent of bubblegum lip gloss takes me back to my younger days, along with the smell of rain, fresh cut grass, freshly baked cookies, and play-doh!  Isn't it amazing how a scent can trigger memories?

Over the years, friends have asked me how I apply makeup or to do their makeup for special occasions.  I know the world of beauty doesn't need yet another blogger, but I figured maybe I have something different to offer.  At the very least, I can get my creative juices flowing.

Booyah Beauty is about honest product reviews as well as general discussions about the beauty of life, nature, great places to visit and things many of us sometimes overlook.

This blog is yours and mine . . . I welcome comments and feedback.  Hope you enjoy!


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