Monday, March 12, 2012

Beauty Army March 2012 Shipment

For those of you contemplating beauty sampling, here are some photos of the contents of my Beauty Army March 2012 Shipment.

This month's contents:

  • CellCeutical Extreme Defense Anti-Cell Damage Skin Treatment (0.33 fl oz; 10 ml) -- This powerful anti-oxidant fights skin-damaging free radicals, diminishing wrinkles, reduces redness and improves texture.  Fight skin damage all day long with regular use of this treatment.  (Regular size: 1 fl. oz; $70)
  • Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil (0.25 oz) -- A naturally occurring oil that promotes elasticity in the skin. (Regular size: 1 fl. oz; $24)
  • Weleda Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion (0.17 oz) -- This all natural face cream is a light, fast-absorbing cream that regulates your natural moisture balance and provides long-lasting protection against drying out. (Regular size: 1 fl. oz.; $20)
  • Befine Night Cream (0.5 fl. oz.; 15 ml) -- A rich, nourishing treatment that helps your skin recover, repair and recharge as you sleep.  Bio-available nutrients moisturize and soften skin while natural estrogen works to reduce wrinkles and prevent premature aging. (Regular size: 1.7 oz; $30)
  • Eye Prep Fx (0.16 fl. oz; 5 ml) -- Eye primer for concealer, foundation and eye shadow application.  Instantly smooths fine lines and creases to enhance color blending. (Regular size: 0.67 oz; $43)
  • Babor Argan Cream (1/2 oz.; 15 ml) -- 24-hour cream with argan oil, Morocco's liquid gold.  The cream will stabilize your skin's natural barrier and maintain collagen fibers.  (Regular size: 1.6 oz; $125)
Overall rating: Booyah!  When you compare the value of the samples to the retail prices, this beauty sampling program is well worth the $12 price tag, especially since you can select the samples you want each month.


  1. Nice..I'm waiting on mine..I love this monthly sub :)

  2. @MsPnut38 Me too! It's great to be able to pick my samples though the occasional surprise package is fun as well!