Monday, May 14, 2012

Lost Crates May 2012 Shipment

Here's a quick look at the fun stuff I received in this month's shipment from Lost Crates.  For those of you that have not heard of Lost Crates (, check out their website.  Unlike other monthly subscription plans, Lost Crates gives you several options based on your interests:

  • Stationery (my choice, because I just love office supplies and nothing beats a paper and pen)
  • Petite Stationery
  • Housewares
  • Foodie
  • Eco
  • Jack's Picks
  • Angie's Picks
  • Found In: ____ (any given locale, from U.S. cities to foreign countries)
Costs vary from $20 to $68, based on your selection.  Stationery costs $38 per month.  My shipment contained 5 great items as follows (descriptions listed are as reflected in shipment insert card):

  1. 9Spotmonk Birthday Card (Retail  $3.50) - Give the illusion of preparedness with this snarky "I remembered I forgot your birthday" card.  Just hand it over next time Facebook reminds you it's your best friend's special day.
  2. Half Pint Herb Grow Kit (Retail $15) - Growing your own herbs just makes sense - they taste better fresh, and you don't run the risk of forgetting them at the store.  Also great for a desk plant. (Personal note: Mine included seeds to grow basil, mint, and thyme.)
  3. Moleskine Reporter Pocket Notebook (Retail $12) - Jot down anything, anytime, in this pocket-sized notebook that flips open with the flick of your wrist.  Everyone should have a reporter notebook like this.
  4. Ohto Pieni Pen (Retail $5.75) - This skinny wooden pen fits in any pocket or purse ("Pieni" means "small" in Finnish.  We love how much nicer our handwriting is when we use it.
  5. Old Tom Foolery Birthday Card (Retail $4.50) - Give the birthday boy or girl a dose of reality with this snarky little card.  This tree-free-paper card is letter-pressed by hand and blank inside.

Overall rating: Booyah!

I just love getting a new mini journal and pen as I write a lot and my pens often "grow feet" and walk away by pen-kleps (you know who you are).  One of these days I'll try out another crate-type.  If you've tried another, please let me know what you got as it might give me the courage to check it out.

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