Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Victoria's Secret Beauty Pro Products

Victoria's Secret Beauty offers various items from fragrance to cosmetics.  I recently purchased several items from their Pro line and wanted to share my thoughts on them.

The first product is the VS Pro Airbrush FX Perfecting Primer with SPF 20 (21g/.75 oz; Retail $18).  VS says, "Before our pros apply any makeup, they use primer to perfect the skin for even the tightest close-up.  This weightless formula creates that same exceptionally smooth, velvety surface.  Ensures a flawless foundation that lasts."

My take:  The formula lives up to VS claims.  It is quite smooth and works under every type of foundation I have used, though when using mineral powder foundation, I wait a bit after applying the primer before buffing on my base.  I love that it contains sunscreen and find it to be a bargain considering that it works as well as my Smashbox primer and for about half the price (Smashbox 1 oz retails for $36).  The pressure pump distributes the right amount of product.  Note that when I first received it, it took quite a few pumps before the product started to flow.  There is an Anti-Red Correcting Primer and a Bronzing Primer available as well (same price).

Overall rating:  Booyah!

The second product is the VS Pro Radiant FX Face Illuminator (24ml/.8 fl oz; Retail $15).  VS says, "Our pros created this highlighter to replicate the perfecting glow of a soft-focus flash.  The sheer, liquid-pearl formula blends effortlessly to diffuse the look of imperfections and give skin a warm glow. Highlight cheek and brow bones, or mix with foundation for a hint of all-over radiance."

My take:  I found this illuminator to be a little thinner in consistency to others I have but it blends easily into the skin and leaves a nice, subtle glow.  I have applied it as a highlight as well as mixed it with foundation or tinted moisturizer and have been pleased with the results.

Overall rating: Booyah!

The final product is the VS Pro Light FX HD Eye Brightening Pen (3.8g/.13 oz; Retail $14).  VS says, "This amazing highlighter -- indispensible to all of our pros -- is like beauty sleep in a pen.  Advanced optical diffusers pair with luminous Diamond Powder to lighten and brighten the look of dark shadows while reducing the appearance of fine lines.  Instant gorgeous for any close up."

My take:  Like most highlighting pens, this product flows through the brush end of the tube once you twist the other end to release the product into the dispenser.  I liked the highlighting effect but found that I needed to use more of it when highlighting dark shadows.  Other brighteners have somewhat thicker and more pigmented formulas so a little goes a long way.

Overall rating: Boo-boo!  I can use the VS Pro Light FX HD Eye Brightening Pen it to highlight my browbone, bridge of my nose, cupid's bow, etc., or under my eyes when I am well-rested.  However, I prefer my Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer and Brightener (2.4ml/.08 fl oz; Retail $9.99) when Barnabas Collins takes up residence under my eyes, as it does a better job of concealing dark shadows (pardon the pun).

Here are some close-ups of dispensed product:

Primer, Illuminator, Eye Brightener
In general, I am impressed with the VS Pro line and hope to bring you more reviews of other products in the future.  Have you tried any of their other products?  As always, I welcome your comments.

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