Friday, August 24, 2012

Make-Up-Matte Review

For those of you that have been following my blog, you know that I have an ivory vanity in my bathroom.  Until recently, the last step in my makeup routine was cleaning up after myself by wiping down my sink and vanity with a paper towel and "green" all-purpose cleaning spray.  If you're like me, you explore options of shaving time off my morning makeup and skin routine.  Enter Make-Up-Matte (currently available in 9 patterns, $22.95,, or in 5 patterns, $18.89 on  Being the frugal bargain shopper that I am, I ordered mine, in Pink & White, from QVC.

This adorable "Matte", which measures 17" x 12",  rolls out nicely onto my vanity and catches any mess and fall out from my make up application, especially loose powder products which tend to be messy.  It also contains 4 brushes pockets (roomy enough to fit more than one brush based on handle circumference) and 1 large pocket where I place my everyday make up items.  Make-Up-Matte, with its elastic closure, also converts to a handy brush roll.  It is adorable and machine washable.

Here are pictures of my Make-Up-Matte:

Overall rating:  Booyah! for being lightweight, washable and durable and for saving me clean-up time in my morning makeup routine.  It travels easily and is great for the gym or local trips!  In fact, I ordered a second one for my hair items as my comb, slim brush, and travel hair gel fit nicely in the brush slots and my other hair accessories (travel shampoo/conditioner, scrunchies, etc. look cozy in the larger compartment.  In terms of versatility, however, I need to consider those that carry more than my minimal stash or do extensive travel.     In my opinion, for extended trips or as a carryall, Make-Up-Matte misses the mark and receives a Boo-Hiss! rating.  It has limited capacity and if you use short-handled brushes, they can get lost in the deep pockets.  Also, the band is somewhat flimsy and I can see it stretching out over time.  If I had the time, I could probably make myself one of these and tailor it to specific needs for a fraction of the cost.

What are your thoughts?

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