Thursday, August 30, 2012

GLOSSYBOX - August 2012 - The Shipment That Wasn't

Just a quick note to let you know that I will not be composing a blog post on the August 2012 GLOSSYBOX for the simple reason that I did not receive one. Unfortunately, last month, my credit card had been compromised and I had received an e-mail from Customer Service indicating that they needed me to update the credit card information associated with my account profile so I could receive a July box.  I immediately logged into the system and updated my information and a July box was shipped and reviewed.

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This month, however, I noticed I did not receive any e-mails from GLOSSYBOX, neither informing me that there was an issue with my credit card nor that my shipment was on its way.  I thought, perhaps that they were a bit delayed in reaching out to me so when I did not hear from them, I contacted Customer Service.  The representative was helpful and told me that I was not charged for August as there appeared to be a problem with my account.  I asked why I was not contacted by Customer Service to which she replied that they are a new company and that their department doesn't handle the billing.  So Customer Service doesn't handle billing nor can they explain why I was not contacted.  Clearly, there is no set, consistent protocol for billing issues.  All she could advise me to do was log into my account and enter my credit card information again so I could be billed for September as it was too late to receive an August box.

As you might recall, I had received several UK GLOSSYBOX shipments from my lovely partner in beauty, Grace (, who was willing to get me a few as I had heard that GLOSSYBOX was coming to the USA and I wanted a sneak peek into their boxes.  Unfortunately, GLOSSYBOX did not have a very good reputation in the UK when it came to their customer service and they eventually merged with Carmine, a beauty sampling subscription service with stellar customer service.

I'd like to think that with GLOSSYBOX being offered in several countries, they should be able to anticipate the level of demand from their subscribers.  I don't think my expectations are unrealistic.  I would expect that if there were a billing problem, I would have received some form of contact from the company as I had a month ago.

Overall rating: Boo! Hiss! for customer service, or lack thereof.  I am hoping that we can chalk this experience up to growing pains and that they will get their act together so other subscribers aren't affected in similar fashion.  I have quite a stash so I am not missing out on the monthly goodies but I hate that I am missing out on sharing with you the contents and product information that I so look forward to posting each month.  Based on other blogger posts, it is the second great shipment that I am missing out on.  I was not lucky enough to receive the full size US launch kit.  Here's hoping September brings me some welcome goodies.

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