Friday, September 14, 2012

Lost Crates Shipments - August and September 2012

With it being back-to-school time, the geek in me comes out as I just happen to love stationery.  I wanted to share with you the contents of my last two Lost Crates shipments with you (  Unlike other monthly subscription plans, Lost Crates gives you several options based on your interests:

  • Stationery (my choice, because I just love office supplies and nothing beats a paper and pen)
  • Petite Stationery
  • Housewares
  • Foodie
  • Eco
  • Jack's Picks
  • Angie's Picks
  • Found In: ____ (any given locale, from U.S. cities to foreign countries)

Costs vary from $20 to $68, based on your selection.  Stationery costs $38 per month.  My August shipment contained 4 great items as follows (descriptions listed are as reflected in shipment insert card):

Moleskine Booklight (Retail  $20) - This lightweight, flexible, portable LED light is bright enough to light up your literature in pure darkness.  It can even be recharged via USB.

Rite in the Rain Pad (Retail $8) - It's raining, it's pouring, but you're not snoring -- you're writing on your Rite in the Rain pad which is a waterproof, outdoorsy journal/sketchbook. (Personal note: Great gift for my hubby who is an avid fishherman.)

Palomino Blackwing Pencils
 (Retail $5) - Tired of sharpening your pencil every five minutes?  These beauties are designed to hold a point, so feel free to write or draw endlessly.

Bear Hug Card (Retail $6) - Does somebody need a great big hug?  This letterpress is a cutout of a big ol' bear that can hold onto a gift like money or a photo for an extra smile.

Overall rating: Booyah!

This shipment came in handy and the items were put to immediate use.  Pencils got sharpened so they could be ready to roll for quick notes, sketching, etc.; Pad went to hubby so he could take note of his daily catches for his fishing club competitions; Bear Hug card was made out and sent to a friend who was just a bit down due to stress on the job; and the Moleskine booklight was charged and placed on my nightstand with my Moleskine journal for quick notes and brain drippings like ideas, poetry or just recaps from life.

My September shipment contained 4 items also (descriptions listed are as reflected in shipment insert card):

Crayon Rocks (Retail  $7) - Admit it: you still love crayons.  And who doesn't love a good pet rock?  Combine both with these rockin' Crayon Rocks. (Person note: 16 colors are included.)

Quirky Cordies (Retail $10) - Organize your cables in the awesomest of ways with the Quirky Cordies.  At only 3.5" wide, it's compact, but it can store more cords than you could possibly need. (Personal note: Perfect for charging iPhone, iPad, etc. in one place.)

Chronicle Books One Sketch A Day Notebook (Retail $16) - With space or one drawing each day for a year, this new kind of diary lets you keep track of your day-to-day life with a whole new medium.

Loop Prehistory Jotter (Retail $7) - We love this lined notebook for the hand-drawn patters that wrap the spine.  It's also on recycled paper and printed with soy ink.

Overall rating: Booyah!

Love the Quirky Cordies gadget and notebooks!  Journals and pads are always put to immediate use in my house.  And the Crayon Rocks made a quick impromptu gift for my godson so he can explore his creative side.

One of these days I'll try out another crate-type.  If you've tried another, please let me know what you got as it might give me the courage to check it out.

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