Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beauty Army - January Shipment

After doing so well with Birchbox, I researched other beauty sampling programs and learned of Beauty Army (www.beautyarmy.com).

Beauty Army costs $12 and, unlike Birchbox, you can select up to 6 samples that are tailored to your needs based on responses to Profile Questions: Skin Tone, Preferences for a Night Out Look, Every Day Look,  Adventurous Look, Hair Type, and Preference of Nail Color.  After you answer your profile questions, you select what type of samples you'd like from a list of 20 categories:  Acne, Anti-Aging, Anti-Oil, Anti-Redness, Anti-Rosacea, Body, Brightening, Cleanser, Exfoliant, Hair, Make up, Men's Products, Moisturizers, Nails, Smoothing, Sun Damage Reversal, Tanning, SPF, All Natural, and Eye Area.

Lastly, you pick your age category, register and then you select your samples.  y first shipment came in a very cute, re-usable flip top box that is lined with a pink camouflage pattern.  My January selection, and their Beauty Army descriptions, consisted of:

  • CellCeuticals PhotoDefense SPF 55+ (0.33 oz) - This hydrating formula provides tons of anti-aging and sun protection, aiding and improving the skin's natural defenses.  With all these powerful ingredients, your skin will stay youthful and free of sun damage. 
  • Lift Lab Lift & Firm Eye Cream (0.17 oz) - This intensive eye cream is designed to specifically target crow's feet, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and sagginess of the delicate skin around your eyes.  With active ingredients proven to fight aging, this serum will protect and drastically improve skin.
  • MAD Skincare Youth Transformative Age Corrective Serum (0.13 oz) - This multi-stem cell and multi-peptide technology infused serum will be a great choice in your anti-aging regiment to have the best possible looking skin.  Skin will feel hydrated, moist, plump, nourished, and recharged.
  • Shea Terra Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Cleanser (1 oz.) - Sourced from the Youruba tribe in Nigeria, this black facial wash and mask has a true cult following.  Working like microdermabrasion to get rid of dead skin, this face wash is staid to make you look younger in minutes.
  • Indie Lee The Body Scrub (Coconut and Citrus - 1.6 oz) - Delivers a daily dose of pampered, sexy skin.  The essential oils create a calming, light, lemon scent to start or end your day.
  • LaRocca Skincare 24k Exfoliating Cream Facial Cleanser (1 oz.) - A silky cream with a gentle exfoliant that dissolves makeup quickly while it moisturizes and stimulates collagen growth.
As with most sampling programs, you can visit the website and order full-sized products.  

Overall rating:  Booyah!

I love the fact that these samples are tailored to my needs and wants and can't wait to see what the Beauty Army brigade offers me next month.

Have you tried Beauty Army?  Would love to hear your comments about their sampling program and any others.

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