Saturday, February 11, 2012

Estee Lauder Pure Topaz Spring 2012 - Eyeshadow Palette and Illuminating Powder Gelee

As I love the consistency of EL's Pure Color Gelee Powder Eyeshadows and I happened to adore the illuminating powder gelee that was released in the Fall 2011 Modern Mercury collection, I just had to have Topaz Chameleon Illuminating Powder Gelee and my first Five Color Eyeshadow Palette, Topaz Mosaic.

The Illuminator retails for $40 (5g) and is sold out online but my local counter still had it in stock.  (Yay!)  It has a wonderful consistency (as did Modern Mercury) and blends beautifully into the skin for a nice bronze and luminous look.  It reminds me a bit of the Cyber Copper eyeshadow from the Cyber Eyes collection.

Estee Lauder says:

- High polish for your skin. 

- Innovative tri-blend liquid, powder, gel formula goes beyond face powder to give you a sexy, sophisticated glow.

- The perfect mix of pigment and pearls for a multi-reflective finish.
- Smooths on as an all-over soft sheen. Builds for luminous pearl highlighting.

Here are swatches:

Top to bottom: Full swatch; blended swatch
The eyeshadow palette ($45 for 7.6g of product) contains 1 metallic and 4 satin eyeshadow shades for those of us that love neutral palettes.  I couldn't resist.  

Here are swatches of each shade:

Top to bottom: 1-Metallic, 2-Satin, 3-Satin, 4-Satin, 5-Satin
Overall rating:  Booyah!

Do you have any of the 5-color palettes?  Please let me know.

What are your thoughts of the illuminating powder?

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