Monday, February 20, 2012

My First Glam Bag Shipment - February 2012 and Giveaway

I have been following Michelle Phan for quite some time so I couldn't help but subscribe to the beauty sampling program she, her sister, and other youtubers/beauty bloggers created called Glam Bag (  The program starts with a brief quiz consisting of 14 questions.  I paid for a monthly subscription of $10 which gets me a monthly shipment of a make-up bag (not a box) and 4 or 5 samples of products.  You can also sign up for an annual subscription which costs $110 so you get 1 month free.

The February shipment, of course a Valentine's Day theme, included 4 products, a gift card, two Ghirardelli chocolates (one milk chocolate and one dark chocolate) from the MyGlam Team, and a cute pink zippered make-up bag with black hearts.

Here's a breakdown of the products with descriptions as reflected on the Glam Bag insert card (italicized comments are my own):

  • X Out - Shine Control (20 ml) - Stay flawless and shine-free with this oil-free moisturizer with a mattifying complex.   A promotion code for a free gift with purchase is included.  (From the makers of Proactiv.)
  • NYX - Roll On Shimmer (1.5 g) in Mauve Pink - NYX's brand new, intensely rich, shimmering powder that can be applied to the eyes, face, and body.  A promotion code for a discounted purchase of other Roll On Shimmer Shades. (There are 16 shades in this range) is included.  (This is a full-sized sample that retails for $4.50 at in a shade that works nicely for me.  Kudos to NYX for coming up with a simple way to add shimmer without the mess or needing a makeup brush. See swatch below.)

  • Premier - Instant Stretching and Revitalizing Mask (a.k.a. "The Cinderella Mask"; 2 ml) and Moisture Complex (2 ml) - Luxury skincare rich in life-enhancing minerals from the Dead Sea waters. A promotion code for discounted purchase is included as well as details on how to enter to win a $1000 shopping spree.
  • NuMe - Professional Styling Tools and Hair Extensions ($100 Gift Card) - Enjoy $100 towards NuMe's products.  Hair tools that will revolutionize your everyday look.
  • Freeman - Facial Mask Sachet in Pineapple (15 ml) - Turn your date night prep-time into a soothing spa experience with easy-to-use skin-perfecting masks.

Overall Rating:  Booyah! 

I love the cute little bag and the sweet surprise the MyGlam Team sent for Valentine's Day.  Can't wait for future shipments.

Have you subscribed to Glam Bag or do you plan to?  Please comment below and follow this blog by Friday, February 24th (6 PM Eastern) for a chance to win my NuMe Gift Certificate.

Good luck!


  1. I just found your site through google, and Im glad I did, I was thinking of subscribing to this, but wanted to know if its worth it. Did you get the whole year or just a month? And would you say this is a good one to subscribe to, or is there one out there that better in your opinion?

  2. This was my first shipment. I am subscribed for the year, or at least until I cancel. I will say I enjoyed the items they sent me and if you consider that the NYX shimmer powder cost $5 or half the cost of my subscription, I would say it's worth it. I will say, however, that with most beauty sampling programs, it can be hit or miss. If you're open to trying new things and don't mind getting items that may not be perfect for you, then try it. I love it when things are just right for me but I also love it when I get something that doesn't quite work for me and I give it to a friend and they end up thanking me for introducing them to the product because they loved it. At the very least, you'll get a cute bag each month!